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5 Tips And Reasons for Life With No Car

The average cost of a car in the USA is around $33,560. This is expensive enough for most, leading to most people taking out a loan for a car. But, many car owners already know that the initial price of a car is a tiny part of its overall cost.

Between fuel, insurance, and tax, cars have lots of indirect costs. When you add maintaining a car over its life, cars become one of the biggest expenses you can have.

You would think that this would lead many to abandon purchasing a car entirely. But, many people don’t see cars as a luxury, and instead see it as a necessity. While this might be true for a handful of cities and some rural areas, most places don’t require a car to get around.

The majority of well-developed cities in the USA and across the world have a good public transport system.

Those that don’t have good public transport, often have certain ways of getting around without personal ownership of a car. Examples of these alternatives include cheap transport like Uber and low-cost ride-sharing networks. There is also a combination of these with the Uberpool system. You can read about how Uberpool works and how similar networks operate online.

So, if you’re thinking of avoiding car ownership or just want a way to save money or pursue a more active lifestyle, we’ve paid out a few reasons why this might work for you. 

5 Reasons For Life With No Car

It saves you money

This reason stands as one of the most obvious. As stated above, a car is one of the most expensive things you could own. Aside from buying or leasing your car, fuel can cost around $1,000 a year. This is just the average too, with many spending multiples of that to fuel their commutes.

Meanwhile, depending on the age and experience, insurance can be anywhere from the hundreds to the thousands of dollars per year.

Coupling this with maintenance means that cars usually cost owners between $6,000 and $8,500 per year just to drive. This means that avoiding a car can save you anywhere from $10,000 to $20,000 per year or more.

This gives you one big economic reason to choose public transport or carpooling instead of car ownership.

It can improve your health

This might seem like another obvious reason to avoid owning a car. But, the way avoiding car ownership improved health is not so straightforward.

While walking and cycling for commuting can improve your health by helping you lose weight and improve heart health, even public transport can help your health. A study found that those who take public transport had less stress and greater health than car owners.

This could be due to improved socializing and time spent outdoors. In any case, avoiding a car could help you improve your health as well as your finances.

It can help your productivity

Because you don't have to worry about driving, you can be more productive. Using public transport or carpooling is an easy way to get some work done while letting someone else worry about navigating the traffic.

This can be a time-efficient way to prepare projects for work or college and help you get a head start on any deadlines.

So, for an easy way to get some extra work done, choose public transport or ride-sharing for your traveling.

It can improve your mental health

As mentioned above, avoiding cars in exchange for public transport, walking or cycling to work has been shown to hell reduce stress.

When you consider that stress can be a factor in certain mental Illnesses like depression, this is another big benefit if not owning a car.

So, to maximize your physical and mental health, a car may not be the best investment.

It can help you become more familiar with your area and city

As indicated above, a big issue with owning a car is how insular it can be. You can travel directly to wherever you're looking to go and return straight home. While it may be time-efficient, it doesn't help with getting to know your area or city.

This is a particular problem if you've moved into a new home or city. Using public transport, walking, or biking can help you get a better idea of where you're living and give you a chance to sightsee.

Tips for Life with No Car

While there are plenty of benefits to not owning a car, many places make this difficult. Some cities and towns are built in a way that overwhelmingly favors drivers. This often makes public transport unavailable or difficult to use.

These cities are often packed with highways too, which are very unsafe to cycle or walk on. For people who live in these areas, we have a few tips that can help make your commuting much easier.

  • Get familiar with ride-sharing apps
    • These days, carpooling has never been easier. Apps like Uber and Lyft offer ride-sharing and provide all the benefits of owning a car at a fraction of the cost.
  • Develop a transport network with your friends and family
    • If using apps or traveling with someone you know is uncomfortable, you can develop a transport network with your friends and family. This can help you and those close to you save money, avoid unnecessary car ownership and make travel more fun.
  • Get to know your public transport system and alternative travel routes
    • Just like ride-sharing apps, using apps like Google Maps can help you become familiar with public transport options that will get you to your destination. They can also help you find different routes that might have better public transport and make travel easier.

Take all of these tips and suggestions into consideration if you’re thinking about getting rid of your car. There are plenty of ways to get around - so don’t think you won’t be able to do anything without a car. In fact, by walking and exploring where you live can help you learn new things about your city and find more fun things to do.
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