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Recommendations when preparing for your NBN activation

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So, you’ve decided which NBN ISP to go for, your house is Ready for Service and you have placed your order for NBN. Your NBN ISP has (hopefully) provided you the date of your activation and whether or not you need to be home for the activation. You are sitting with baited breath for the doorbell to ring and see the NBN technician smiling and advising you that you are ready to connect to NBN. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always go this smoothly. Some ISPs are reporting that up to 40% of FTTN (fibre to the node) installations have some sort of issue. For this reason we strongly recommend not cancelling your existing ADSL service (if you have one) before the NBN is online, tested and working. When it comes to the time of the appointment this may be the first time that an NBN technician has seen your property and properly understood how much work is involved in getting you connected. There may be issues in the street, cable upgrades, trenches to dig and traffic management to plan. In these cases there is likely to be extended delays in getting you connected. So, don’t touch your existing working ADSL service until the appointment has passed and you’re successfully online for NBN.

Next thing to think about is some sort of backup plan in case things go wrong and you are left with no phone or internet service – this does happen! Often the NBN technician may make an error in the street when jumpering the NBN connection at the node. This means that they knock off the landline phone and internet service and don’t successful connect you up to NBN. It’s useful (if you rely on the internet) to have a backup plan. A pre-paid dongle, or an increased mobile data plan that you can use to connect your vital devices to and still access the internet. This is particularly important for businesses that have a mission critical need for the internet.

If all goes well it’s important to have your NBN compatible modem or router ready to connect. Ensure that you have researched what type of device you need or order one from your ISP. (There is a great list of compatible modems here) Your ISP will often provide it pre-configured and ready to use. If you’re connecting by FTTP, Fixed Wireless or HFC connection you will need an NBN compatible router that will connect in WAN modem. If you’re connecting via FTTN then you will require an NBN compatible VDSL modem. Note that this is not the same as an ADSL modem.

Think about where your modem/router will be in your property. You’ll likely plug all your devices and phone into this device. For certain connections you will get a choice of where the NBN equipment is installed. For FTTN/B services you’ll have to connect your VDSL modem to the first telephone socket in your property. Depending where this is and where you wish to plug your devices and phones in you may want to consider some internal network cabling or a secondary wireless access point.

And just in case you are still researching providers, here is a link to some great Unlimited NBN plans.
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