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Top Five Food Delivery Apps for Android and iOS

Ordering food can sometimes be a pain in the neck.

First you have to find a good restaurant, then they put you on hold and when someone finally picks up, you usually have to talk over a ton of background noise of a busy restaurant.

What’s worse, reading off your card numbers to a person is always tedious – I mean come on, it’s the 21st century after all – right?

And all you want is an ordinary pepperoni pizza with a bottle of coke.

The Age of Smartphone Apps

Even though modern apps cut down on human-to-human interactions, you still have to admit that some of these apps are more then useful. What else will open you up to trying new cuisines and restaurants?

All you need to do is enter your address, and one of these applications will showcase dozens (if not hundreds) of restaurants in the close proximity of your house.

And don’t worry – we don’t discriminate – so no matter if you’re an iPhone or an Android user, we have an app that will enable you to try out every restaurant you want without leaving your house.

Home Chef

For starters, we have a great app for all of those aspiring cooks out there. Because Home Chef will not only get all of the shopping done for you, but it will also deliver a number of recipes every week, that will help you try out new meals every seven days.

And as many HomeChef Reviews like to point out, you don’t even need to buy expensive spices for your meals, because all of the spices you need for certain meals are included in the delivery. And last but least, the app also allows you to set preferences for low-cal or low-carb meals, if you’re on a strict diet.


One of the best things about using food delivery applications is that most of them provide cashless transactions. Most apps on our list accept almost all major cards, in addition to services like PayPal and Apple Pay. But this app right here takes it a step further.

It accepts another two forms of payment – Bitcoins and its own virtual currency, Foodler Bucks. And if that’s not enough for you, this isn’t just a simple delivery service. The app also has a rewards program, which enables users to earn points and free meals in the process.

Yelp Eat 24

All of the applications on our little list have a certain rating system. But as you probably already know, none of the other rating and user-review systems are as nearly as useful as the one provided by this here application.

For starters, Yelp Eat 24’s user-review data base has been built on years and years of reliable restaurant reviews. And while the app is still available in only around 1,500 cities across the United States, its reliable rating system provides a leg up on its competition.


And here we have something a little different compared to other apps on the list. For starters, Postmates allows you to order much more than just food or groceries. In fact, this delivery service will pick up basically anything and drop it off on your doorstep.

And because the app isn’t partnered with any restaurants, the only thing users are limited by is their location. Also, you have to be aware that every order comes with a 9% delivery free, but if you upgrade your account to a “Plus Unlimited” service, you’ll have free delivery services on orders of more than $25.


I’m guessing that you’ve used Uber before, haven’t you? Well, if you trust the service to drive you around the town, you should also trust them to deliver your meals. The service charges $5 for every delivery, no matter how much your meals cost, or how far the restaurant is from your home.

The only bad thing about it as that it’s still only available in major cities like Los Angeles, Amsterdam and Singapore. But if you’re familiar with the original Uber app, you’ll be delighted to see that both of these apps share some of the same features, such as cashless transactions and estimated delivery times. 

Final Thoughts

And those were our picks for best food delivery applications on the market today. Do you agree with our choices? Do you think that we’ve possibly missed some of the more noticeable apps out there?

If you have any recommendations of your own, personal experiences with food delivery apps or just general constructive criticism, make sure to tell us all about it in the comment section bellow.

By Adam Ferraresi

Adam Ferraresi

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