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The Best Smartphones for 2017

Best Smartphone 2017

The mobile phone market is rapidly expanding, and it is fair to say that everyone is spoilt for choice right about now. If you are looking to ditch your old phone and sing along to something classy, then you will need to dive into the market and grab something classy.

Let’s take a look at what you will find out there:

Google Pixel XL

If you are a lover of big screens and virtual assistance technology, then this is the phone for you. The camera is great and while the design is a little generic, you are still packing a lot here. One of the biggest strengths of thePixel is that the hardware works in perfect sync with the software. And if you don’t like the massive screen, you can always go for the 5.0 inch model. It has all the features of the larger design but sort of compresses everything into a narrower interface.

IPhone SE

Most people are currently having to contend with massive screens, and while this does not cause too much harm, it makes for a lot of fumbling to get a grip on the four corners of the device. However, the iPhone SE sets out to solve this problem by offering a relatively smaller screen-all of four inches. The 12MP rear camera is a real winner and creates amazing images. The retina display serves to push the technology even further.


LG is trying to up their game to match up with the rest of the market, and we can all agree that they are doing a great job of getting it right. The screen and graphics on the G5 are phenomenal and the camera is dual. The accessories are a little bit of a joke but with the other good stuff going with this model, that is easy to overlook.

If you are looking to purchase a new handset then there are loads of comparison website which can point you in the right direction. They will be able to tell you about offers, discounts and payment plans. When shopping for a new phone you should always make sure that you do not rush in to getting the phone straight away. You should always look around for the best deal to save you the most money. If you would like to view a site which can help you with your decision then is a great place to start.
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