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The Importance of a Fast Website

Website Speed and Performance Optimization

If there is one thing I like when browsing the web, it’s information and I like my information to be delivered fast. There is nothing worse than searching for something and having to wait for something to load. Particularly if the first thing loading is not the information I want but rather fancy images or script which have no relevance to the information I am looking for. Slow websites can be a serious turn off, especially when there is very little unique information to be found on the web. You have to compete with other websites on all fronts and factors, speed being one of them. Fast websites do not just benefit your visitors though, there are numerous benefits to you as a webmaster. People with fast websites are rewarded with more visitors and better search positions, but we’ll touch on that later. A fast website isn’t the be all and end all. You have to offer something of substance or “value add” as it’s known. But having good content is useless if it’s rendered to slow or in a generally cumbersome fashion.

People Want It… And They Want It Now!

As touched on above, people in general do not want to wait. Especially when they don’t have to! Search for anything on the likes of Google and you’ll get a top 10 of equally competitive websites. The chance of one website offering better information than the next one in the list is slim. There are only so many things you can say and so many different ways to say it afterall! So if you’re lucky enough to be in the top spot and you’re wasting peoples time with a slow page load time then you’re going to make them click back and choose the second site in the list and so on.

What Makes It Slow?

There are numerous causes of a slow website but the good thing is that all of these causes can be addressed and rectified with little effort. The first thing you should check is your web hosting. You might not be using a bad company as such but you might be hosted on a shared server with someone else using resources which are indirectly affecting your site. If your site runs slowly for a day or two it’s probably not worth switching hosts but if your site is consistently slow and you’ve address all on site issues then it’s probably time for a switch! The next thing is the page content itself. You need to look at images slowing it down. Minify css and javascript files and make sure the overall page size (in terms of bytes) is low enough. Whilst fast web connections can handle loading a website that’s a few megabytes in size, it can still lead to your visitor having to wait a few seconds for your site to render and in this game a few seconds can make all the difference.

Google Loves a Fast Site

The popular search engine Google has now started rewarded fast sites. It knows how long your site takes to load and will score positively (or negatively) as a result of that. It also knows how long a person spends on your site and whether or not they click back and choose someone else. If people click on your site via Google and then immediately click back because it’s too slow then Google will know about it and you will no doubt be negatively rewarded.

Better Conversions, Better Income

A fast website can ultimately lead to people being happy to use your site and ultimately buy your product or service. You could be offering gold for the price of lead but if your website is slow an you’re making it difficult for people to buy or use in general then you’re going to struggle making a conversion. A sleek, fast website will work wonders for your sales and conversions and given how easy it is to make ANY website fast loaded I think it’s most definitely a no brainer.


I hope this article has given you some things to consider with regards to your website speed. It’s something that’s definitely worth looking into if you’re experiencing a high bounce rate with visitors arriving and leaving just as fast. It’s also worth running your website through tools such as GTMetrix and comparing that against your competitors. You’ll also be told what is wrong with your site, why it’s loading slow and what you can do to improve it which can be invaluable information is you’re struggling to figure out what’s what.
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