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13 Productivity Tools, Tips, Tricks and Hacks

I know how it feels. The page was loading, and now you are here, and you can't wait to read.
The adrenaline rush. Butterflies in the stomach. Hands feeling clammy.  Feeling like a failure is awful. I hate that feeling. You and I want the same thing; to be productive. And since we are reading from the same script, let’s go through these hacks and tricks to achieve exactly that.
Shall we?
  1. Sleep well

    A recent study by the Sleep Council in the U.K has revealed that those who earn £65- £75000 get the best sleep. That makes me want to sleep even much better now. Why? A good sleeping routine is important. It gives your body time to rest and get ready to accomplish more in the next day without feeling tired and groggy.
  2.  Avoid TV like Plague

    Let’s agree on this. It is a time waster. A productivity killer.  Do you know how hard that guy inside that box has to work so that you can see him? I won’t bore you with the stories of how much it takes to get to the screens. If you should be working on that project, do it. Avoid the TV. But don’t throw it away. The idea here is to watch it when it is necessary. And not allow it to eat it into your precious time.
  3. Hangout with hungry people

    This is not to make you spend a good part of the lunch hour at McDonald's or Taco Bell. You will spend the whole afternoon asleep at the office. Hungry people are those who are on the same mission as you are. Guys who want the best; nothing less. Just like yawning, enthusiasm and motivation are contagious. To be productive, you need these guys around you.
  4. Get accountability partners

    If you have ever signed up for fitness classes, your instructor makes sure that you get out of your comfort zone. Urges you on. Challenges you. Becomes tough on you when you laze around. At times you don’t like it, but at the end of the day, it's worth it. That’s an accountability partner. Being productive is more of doing what you must do each day without fail to achieve your goal. That’s my wish for you. To make it true, get someone to hold you accountable each day.
  5. Stay organized

    There must be a time when you made your bed nicely. The day ends, and it’s time to sleep. There is this invisible thread pulling you to bed yet you don’t feel sleepy. You later slept like a baby that night. Imagine your office space, and desk being the same way. Organized. Neat.Save yourself the tragedy of having to be stuck for 30 minutes trying to get organized. Another 30 planning on where to start. With minimum effort, you can maintain an organized working area which will have a ripple effect on your productivity.
  6. Leave porn alone

    I could fill this space with a million reasons from a Sunday sermon to make you quit watching porn. But I won’t. Do you want to keep on fighting distraction from the ideas that internet porn gives you once you see a lady pass by? Are you ready to spend more time and money seeking counseling simply because porn wrecked your work, family and you lost some your friends?I’m sure you don’t want that. For the sake of productivity, would you simply avoid that and enjoy the string of benefits that come with avoiding porn?
  7. Read a book

    Until you brew coffee, you will never get to enjoy the aroma. Same applies to reading. As you read a book, think of your brain as coffee beans that need to be brewed, and the massive improvement in productivity as the aroma. I am already lost in this. Am loving it! Reading a book will not only increase your productivity but also enlighten you to things you never knew about yourself. Such are the hidden abilities that you may end up using to maximize your productivity. Without much emphasis on that, some of the books you can give a try are such as The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey and Eat that Frog by Brian Tracy.
  8. Use a timer

    Olympics is coming up, and you will notice that players will take some breaks. Why? To regain energy and maintain productivity. I know you aren’t an athlete, but you also need breaks. Every time I take breaks, I feel energetic, refreshed and even more willing to complete the task, more than ever before. Make it a habit of working for 25 minutes with a short break of around 5 minutes.
  9. The power of smart drugs

    Let me say I am the curious type. I found out about smart drugs in a student’s forum. Having read through about its benefits, I couldn’t believe the magical effect it could have. Fast forward to today, my typical day is 9-5. I have never been able to focus this intensely, without getting tired or worn out. Should I, at this point, say that you should open another tab and order some Modafinil stack? It’s easy enough to get from sites like ModafinilCat, and worth a try according to some productivity hackers.
  10. Some fasting

    Yes. I mean do not eat. Just hold back the frown and read on. Especially in the early hours of the afternoon. I know you have tried to hold back your heavy eyelids after lunch wondering why this sleepy feeling won’t just come in the evening. Hold off the lunch till later in the afternoon and you will have cheated your way out of sleeping every afternoon.
  11. Set goals

    What do you want to achieve once you wake up? How much time will you use working on that project? To be productive, watch your clock by the second, the minutes and hours will take care of themselves. Set achievable goals on each day, allocating sufficient time to each task. As the day progresses, tick off the completed work. The motivation to accomplish the rest is incredible.
  12. Outsourcing

    You have something urgent that needs to be done. Your schedule cannot allow it. You haven’t hit a dead end yet. Let someone else do it. Focus on the necessary stuff.
  13. Exercise

    How about some rock wall climbing? Sit ups? A little jog in the morning? Look, you can’t sit all day in your workstation following all that I have written without standing up to stretch. Okay. You can now stretch a little bit. Go ahead. Do it. Exercise boosts your level of alertness since more blood flows to your brain.  Take a walk, or use the stairs. Imagine a serious common cold trying to bog you down simply because you refused to exercise and improve your immunity against it. Tragic isn’t it?

Final thoughts

By now, I am sure you have already updated your productivity list. What have you left out? What do you need to add? Just go back to the list and check. Oh, and before I forget. Don’t let that list just sit there as you wait for the right time to be productive. Do something about it, however small. It makes the whole difference.
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