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Must-Have Cell Phone Accessories

You’ve probably busted your budget buying your cell phone. With a little bit of planning, and time spent surfing the net, you can dramatically improve your mobile experience. Of course you need to check out mobile covers online to protect your beloved phone. There are also other accessories like power bank and screen magnifier that will add to the convenience and enjoyment of using this gadget.

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Mobile Covers Online and Other Phone Accessories

Options in Cell Phone Accessories

Here are three must-haves for your cell phone:

  • Power Bank: If you’re using 3G, and especially Google Maps, your battery will drain out faster than you can spell Jack Robinson! Being stranded with a completely discharged phone can be quite a nightmare. To avoid the stress of that happening, you can get a power bank that has a large capacity, maybe of more than 20,000 mAh. It’s not an expensive investment, being less than 1,000 bucks. Moreover, you can use it for your tablet and digital camera as well.
  • Screen Magnifier: If you’re someone who watches YouTube videos or movies a lot, you can consider a screen magnifier to avoid overstraining your eyes. The magnifier does not distort the image and can give you a screen that is 3 times larger. Ensure you get one made of antiskid material to avoid it from slipping, falling and breaking. You can get one with built-in speakers. A good one should cost you between Rs.600 and Rs.1,000.
  • Cases: You just have to check out the wide variety of mobile covers online. They are available in a range of materials, colours, designs and features. You can get a flip case or simply a back cover. Some allow you to create your own text on the cover. Ensure that you get one with plastic coating. Since you can get attractive and high quality mobile covers online for less than Rs.300, you could give your smartphone a different look according to the occasion.
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