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Keeping Up With the 21st Century

 I owned a Nokia 1800 prepaid mobile phone for ages. When everyone else was walking around with their iPhones or Android smartphones, there I was with my Nokia. It came to a point when I became quite embarrassed to pull out my Nokia phone in front of these text savvy iPhone/smartphone users who used their phones for everything from making calls to texting to playing games to checking e-mail to keeping in touch via social media to surfing the net to reading, you name it. The final straw came for my Nokia after I watched the movie, Paper Planes. In that movie, there was a scene where the protagonist, a young boy named Dylan, enters his classroom and finds most of his classmates playing games on their smartphones. Dylan pulls out his old mobile phone, which looked about as outdated as my Nokia, and starts playing a rolling ball game similar to a game on my Nokia.

One of his classmates mocks him. Some of the audience in the cinema laughed out loud at this scene. I recoiled with embarrassment. At that moment, I felt for poor Dylan because I was in the same boat as him. So this year, I decided it was time to join the era of the iPhone/smartphone. I decided to replace my faithful but outdated Nokia for a smartphone. With that thought, I went online shopping and was hit with so many options that I came away more confused than before I started! Do I go for an Apple iPhone or an Android smartphone? I knew that the iPhones had a good reputation and were very popular amongst my circle of family and friends. From what I could tell, the iPhones also had a smaller option to choose from (e.g. iPhone 4S, 5S, 5C, 6S) making it easier for a smartphone-challenged person like me. On the other hand, there were thousands of Android smartphones that are running Google’s Android operating system (e.g. Samsung Galaxy, HTC One, Moto G, etc.) So I sought the advice of my cousin who asked me the most obvious first question: What budget do I have? From there on, it was easy to narrow down my choices. I decided to check out the iPhone 4S 16 GB black.
Apple iPhone 5 16GB Black Unlocked Refurbished Mobile - Apple - 4-inch display, 8mp camera, Apple A6 Chipset
iPhone 4S 16 GB Black

Why the iPhone 4S 16 GB?

  1. It is affordable at under $300.00.
  2. It comes in a new design and new features such as Apple’s iOS8 (the most advanced mobile operating system in the world).
  3. It has a 3.5 inch high-resolution display; a screen resolution of 640 x 960; an 8 megapixel rear camera with HD video recording; and 16 GB of internal memory (estimated free space of 12.2 GB).
  4. It has camera features such as panorama view; autofocus; face detection in still images; video stabilization; photo and video geotagging.
  5. It has a talk time of 12 hours and stand-by time up to 300 hours.
  6. It can be used for SMS and MMS, e-mail and instant messaging.
  7. It has a 800 MHz processor with Wi-Fi connectivity and comes equipped with GSM, CDMA and WCDMA modes for international use.
  8. It has an iPod music player; vibration alerts; voice command and dial.
  9. It has TV and video features such as AirPlay mirroring and video streaming; video mirroring and video out support.
  10. It comes with a Siri intelligent voice assistant which heeds questions and commands, can take dictation, make calls, send texts, set reminders, etc.
  11. It also includes other features such as three-axis gyro; accelerometer; proximity sensor; ambient light sensor, GPS with A-GPS support, iCloud service, Twitter integration, Google Maps, Image editor and TV-out.
  12. All the above and more in a neat package of only 137 g in weight and 115.2 x 58.6 x 9.3 mm in dimensions.

iPhone 4S 16 GB
The more I read up about the iPhone 4S 16 GB, the more I could understand why so many of my family and friends are proud iPhone owners who wouldn’t swap their iPhones for any Android smartphone. Shopping online allowed me to compare and contrast what the various mobile phone and electronics companies were offering and I found that some offer high quality products at affordable prices. They offer weekly specials and provide returns or replacements of faulty items without any hassles. Not only do they answer customer enqueries before and during sale, but also after sale.
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