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Brief Explanation on How Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 Works

While the trends in business involve using Apple or Google products, there is still a high demand in Microsoft products and software developments. Among them, the Dynamics CRM software that helps companies manage customer relationships. This year, Microsoft Dynamics CRM announced an upgrade to the newest version of the tool, which is the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015.

What Changed Compared to Previous Editions

According to the TechNet library on the official Microsoft website, here are a couple of highlights to this long anticipated upgrade.


In terms of compatibility, Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 applies to both CRM 2015 on-prem, as well as to CRM Online. There are speculations regarding further changes, which have not yet been confirmed.

Release History

Checking the latest releases in Q1 (January to March 2015), the best performing one is Version 7.1.0. This version strongly relates to admin documentation and deployment and has been known and commonly referred to as IG (stands for Implementation Guide) in previous versions of the software. However, in Dynamics CRM 2015, the IG has been transformed into a comprehensive set of topics that can help users plan, deploy, customize, configure and maintain the upgraded software on-prem and online.

Administrator Highlights

Changes have been made to the Dynamics CRM Online. First off, if you are an existing CRM 2013 on-premises customer and user, you need to upgrade the server. Changes were also implemented in the planning on-premises CRM 2015, as well as installing on-premises CRM 2015.
Operation implementations have also been upgraded for a more efficient deployment. Reporting and report writing with CRM 2015 have been upgraded with new templates which allow customers to create new or modify existing reports. Changes have also been made to the CRM PowerShell cmdlets for CRM. 

According to UXC Eclipse, an official Microsoft Dynamics CRM partner, the following significant changes were made in Deploying and Administering both Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online and Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 on-premises in the March 2015 preview of version 7.1.0:
1.       Enabling change tracking to better control data synchronization.
2.       Setting up of SharePoint integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, with server-based authentication with this feature.
A white paper describes in detail how the SQL Server platform-level issues generate errors and impact the performance to the end-user. The paper provides valuable insight regarding optimization of a custom implementation and enablement of better performance of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, which ultimately presents a much improved end-user experience. The tips and information presented apply to Microsoft Dynamics CRM online, as well as to Dynamics CRM 2013.
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