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Android Phones Under 10,000

Popularity of Android

According to, on an average a mindboggling 350,000 Android phones are activated every day. Yes, these phones are cheaper and you can get a wide range of Android phones under 10,000. What role does the cost factor play? Is this the only factor?

The adoption of the Android operating system has been high among both the tech- savvy and the technically challenged. The operating system is based on Linux and is developed by Open Handset Alliance. A syndicate of more than 80 hardware companies including Sony and Samsung, Android has taken the lion's share in the market for operating systems, not only for mobile phones, but also for tablets, GPS watches and other gadgets. Let us find out what makes this OS so popular.

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An Open Source Platform

Most mobile operating systems come with legal protection and copyrights, while Android is an open source platform. This enables a large number of programmers from across the world to contribute to enhancing the system. This promotes newer ideas of several bright and experienced programmers to be implemented in making the operating system. Since there is no one company funding the development of the platform, it makes the platform more affordable. This is the reason for the availability of Android phones under 10,000.

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Wide Application Store

Android powered devices have applications distributed by Google primarily through the Google Play Store. As of July 2013, Google Play Store offers more than 1 million applications to test, use and share. Most of its applications are available online for free, while some come with minimal price tags. It has a wide selection of third-party applications that a user can acquire by downloading and installing them. The third-party stores include Amazon Appstore, GetJar and SlideMe.


Create Your Own App

Android is the only operating system that gives you the option to create your own applications without needing any coding skills. Google gives you a Software Development Kit which lets you modify any app to suit your convenience or preference. This is possible for both high end cell phones as well as Android phones under 10,000.

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Security Options

The security options in Android applications make it much more popular than other operating systems. Orbot on Android enables its users to browse the Internet, have conversations via instant messaging and access to emails without them being monitored by the provider of mobile internet services.


It is Free

Since Android was an open-source platform, it was available for free. In 2005, Google took over the platform for a whooping $50 million. However, the Mountain View based company decided to keep it free for users. Thus, hardware manufacturers across the world started using this OS to offer lower cost phones. And Google joined hands with various leading hardware manufacturers to bring out some amazing smartphones. This enables people to acquire Android phones under 10,000 with the coolest features and benefit from thousands of apps that can make life easier and more fun.


Customizable User Interface

Google has always wanted Android's user interface to be flexible and customisable. There are several customisable widgets that can be placed on the Android UI, making it very easy for users to tweak their phone's interface.


Ready for the Arrival of Wearables

Gadgets that you wear on your wrist like a watch or that you put on like goggles are gaining traction. Android has been ready to welcome these. At the London Wearable Technology Show, held in March 2014, more than 100 exhibitors showcased their many devices.

For so many reasons, Android phones spell value for money. With several options for Android phones under 10,000, everyone can benefit from swiftly changing technology.
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