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The Use of Mobile Phones in Education

In this age of digitization and with the increase in use to mobile phone usage, an entire new world has opened up in education. The smart devices have allowed students to learn and study, while educators are using it to teach in a whole new way. Learning and educating can occur anywhere in real-time and is not limited to classroom. Students are using their cell phones for school-related activities like
  • Looking up information in class
  • Taking pictures or recording video for a school assignment
  • Uploading school-related content to the internet
  • Texting in class with you or other students as a part of an assignment or lesson
Following are our five favorite apps that help learners use mobile phones for educational purpose

The free Celly app is used by several schools for student and parent engagement. Celly stands out because of its ease of use and flexibility. Celly instantly connects students with teachers and can be accessed from mobile app, the web, or by SMS.

StudyBlue For Educators
The free StudyBlue For Educators app lets you learn on-the-go. It has different study modes like quizzing, review sheets, flashcards. The Score feature allows you to self asses yourself, Store feature organizes your notes and Collaborate helps you connect with your classmates.

The free Coursera app has made education free, open, online and mobile. With its free online courses, it connects students, teachers and learners from everywhere.So, whether you are commuting or on the treadmill or cooking you can browse over 600 courses in more than 20 subject areas.

Udemy: Online Courses
The free Udemy: Online Courses app provides you with on-demand online courses, 24 / 7, so you can learn whenever and wherever you want. So squeeze in a few lectures before you sleep or during lunch or while you commute. Whatever you do and wherever you are Don’t Stop Learning! with Udemy app.

Splashtop Classroom
The free Splashtop Classroom screen sharing app which allows teachers to share their computer instantly with students. Teachers can turn their PC/Tablets/ Mobile into an interactive whiteboard and broadcast it to many students simultaneously.
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