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Increase Your Productivity with Mobile PDF Apps PDF Solutions
Frequently travelling business professionals are probably the most grateful for the invention of light tablets and smart-phones that are rapidly replacing their bulky laptops and allowing them to effortlessly bring their work wherever they go. However, these nifty mobile devices are much more useful when equipped with a set of apps that increase productivity and help users with better organization. Such helpful apps are organizers, planners, calendars, document readers and managers, file converters, etc.

Recognizing the rising need of business professionals for productivity software for their Android and iOS devices, developed three light apps for PDF creation and conversion, since the Portable Document Format is the cornerstone of most business project documentation.

Here are some free apps for Android and iOS that perform different kinds of file format conversions to and from PDF

Able2Extract Mobile Mobile is a software that allows users to create PDFs from MS Office documents and convert them to Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Text, is a full-blown, yet lightweight PDF converter. Depending on their needs, users are able to transform their PDFs on the fly into editable budget spreadsheets, legal contracts, academic papers or class-notes, presentations, etc. and create PDFs from important documents, confident that the layout will remain intact when they send the files to a third party.

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Able2Doc Mobile Mobile an app that helps users accurately convert PDFs to Word documents, is a great choice for people who mostly work with Word files, such as writers, editors, publishers, or even students with many paper assignments and professors who need to read and grade those papers.

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Sonic PDF Creator Mobile PDF Creator Mobile allows users to quickly create PDFs from MS Office files. This is another lightweight tool for users who want to share their files with business associates and don’t want to risk sending files that will lose formatting once opened on a different computing device.

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All three apps are created for Android and iOS devices and can be used on both smartphones and tablets. Very importantly, they are free, so users can install and use them as much as they need. 
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