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HP Chromebook 11 : Sleek, Powerful and Affordable


The HP Chromebook 11 is sleek, fast and solid built. At a sub 280$ price tag, this one surely packs the punch. If you are looking for a personal laptop that you can  use for browsing, watch videos on Netflix or YouTube, check emails, troll the social media then Chromebook 11 won’t disappoint. HP11 has a sleek whitish[dare I say Mac-book like] look to it with a thin colored strip around the keyboard. You have an option to choose from Blue, Red, Yellow and Green strip. The HP11 is as slim as most of the Chromebooks available in the market, is lightweight and outer cover is plasticky, though it leaves a trail of fingerprints which can be annoying at first.

HP11 is shipped in a fancy white box with a Google logo on it. I liked the minimalist look and a nice sturdy box in which the 11 is shipped. It has an innovative micro-usb power adapter which can easily be mistaken for any other Android phone charger, infact, you can charge the laptop with any Android phone charger though it is not what I would advise you. Surprisingly, the battery offers as much as 6 hours of power, which is not bad for the size. Front cover of the HP11 has a single strip of line with Google colors, this illuminates once you open the book. The keyboard is comfortable with keys spaced out which really makes typing easier and faster. I use a ThinkPad W520 for my office use and using the HP11’s keyboard is a welcome relief to my fingers. You will not find the function keys, printscr, delete, CAPS LOCK,Home keys on the keyboard. Initially it can be a bit unsettling if you are used to WINDOWS but you can use these functions with a combination of keys. HP has done a good job in building a keyboard without cramping up the chassis of the 11’ laptop. Speaker is embedded below the keyboard and the sound quality is good for the buck. It has a mouse keypad with a single button for right click, left click is by tapping the keypad with 2 fingers. Similar gestures can be used for other mouse features as well.

Bright IPS display in Chromebook is impressive. It really highlights the dark areas and works well for a 720p display. HD video quality display is neat and clear. Chrome-OS boot-up takes 6-8 seconds, you have an option to login using your Google account. Multiple accounts can be created on the laptop, even a guest account is available for use. Default apps include GMail, Google Docs, Chrome browser, YouTube, Google photos and other Google apps. The Chrome Store is not as evolved as the Android Play ecosystem. You will find apps for many tools but most of them are just a shortcut to open website in a browser tab. The HP11 has 2 USB slots, 1 earphone jack and the mini USB port for charging the laptop. All these ports are to the left side of the chassis and remaining sides are plain white of nothingness. With the available real estate on the chassis, HP could have done with adding a HDMI port or even a micro card reader which is missing now. 

HP Chromebook 11 is loaded with Samsung Exynos 5250 with 1.7GHz dual-core ARM processor paired with 2GB of RAM and 16GB of local flash storage. These specs seem meek in front of the laptops available today, they do just about right for the Chrome OS. There is no lag while moving between the apps, playing videos, browsing tabs. You can switch the logged on account and it will still hold your sessions next time you log back.

One of the doubts that people have while choosing Chrome OS is the “cloud based always connected” perception. In today’s world where from your home to the neighborhood cafe is WiFi enabled, this doesn't really pose a challenge. It is though not ideal to use while travelling, an option is to use the Verizon enabled LTE version that was recently launched. There are a few offline enabled apps which are available on Store as well. Google is looking at expanding the offline availability to a lot more apps thereby competing directly with Windows[Source].  Other perception is that Microsoft Office support is not seamless, while that is true in some case, we were able to open MS Word, Excel with no problem whatsoever. Also, Google Docs is continuously improving and even MS Office is on Cloud now. This post is the first time I am using Google Docs and it doesn't seem different than MS Word. In order to boost sales, Google is also offering 100GBs of free cloud space and 10 sessions of free in-flight internet connectivity.

Conclusion : Chrome OS inherently has some drawbacks which continue to feature in HP11 as well. HP11 can do almost all task that an average user wants on a laptop without frills and at marginal price. That is perhaps the reason Chrome OS [and therefore HP11] is gaining momentum among the student fraternity and the new users. Looking at the recent announcements from Dell, Asus, Intel and others, Chrome OS is slowly carving a market for itself.  But if you are a power user with a need to use a laptop for work and to run complex spreadsheets, HP11 will perhaps not be a good choice.
HP Chromebook 11 : Sleek, Powerful and Affordable HP Chromebook 11 : Sleek, Powerful and Affordable Reviewed by Fahad on May 12, 2014 Rating: 5
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