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How to Convert PDF to Word with Able2Doc Mobile

As discussed in how mobile file conversion apps can boost productivity, we touched upon how important and widely used PDFs are in everyday business communication. That is why mobile apps that help us convert non-editable into editable formats really help us with our workload.
How to Convert PDF to Word with Able2Doc Mobile

One of the most common and needed file conversions is PDF to Word. Editors, publishers, all kinds of writers, office managers, lawyers, teachers and students constantly go back and forth these two formats.

Able2Doc Mobile is a great tool precisely for this type of conversion and it works beautifully on both iOS and Android devices. For the purpose of laying out a detailed, step-by-step guide to using the app, we’ll assume you are using an iOS device in the following example, but note that the conversion process is equally simple when you’re using the app on Android.

  • First find Able2Doc in your Apple store or download it from Investintech’s website where you’ll find detailed PDF instructions on how to use the app on both platforms. 
  • Locate the PDF document for conversion: attached to the email or stored on your mobile device.
Able2Doc PDF to Word on the App Store on iTunes

  • Open it by long-pressing the file and tap Able2Doc when the list of options appears.
  • The conversion will start immediately and might take a little longer if the file is very big.
Converting from PDF to Word

  • Once your newly converted MS Word file appears in Able2Doc file list, you can edit it or share it with others by tapping on this icon:   And that is all!
Share MS Word file
Able2Doc’s most valued features, besides the fact that it is free to download and use, are:
  • accuracy of conversion that allows for professional-looking documents,
  • using Investintech server’s resources for conversion and not slowing down the device,
  • complete privacy of information guaranteed by the app developer. 
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