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5 Electronics to Watch out for in 2014

If the Consumer Electronics Show held at the Las Vegas Convention Center in January 2014 is to be believed, 2014 has a lot in store for us in terms of the newest gadgets and technology. From new technology for cars to smart glasses that can show you the world and then some more, there is certainly some interesting stuff to look forward to. Here’s a look at some of them.

Top Electronics for 2014

Here is our top picks for the year:

Gaming with the Xbox One and PS4

Gaming with Xbox One and PS4
Gaming is seeing some great technological advancements with the new consoles for the Xbox and Sony Play Station, which aim to offer social media-like connectivity for gamers. Now you can have followers, work as a team to achieve goals and even compete with other players. The PS4, which is scheduled for release on November 15, 2014, will provide more intuitive play by tracking both the controller and the gamer’s face and movements. Apart from the enhanced gaming experience, these devices will offer a much more integrative gaming experience by minimizing the need to switch back and forth between TV, music and gaming because now you can do up to three different activities simultaneously. 

3D Printers take on the World

Cube 3D printer
Last year saw huge acceptance for 3D printing and its ability to make multi-layered products that can actually be used. Prices have already started dropping and 2014 is expected to bring higher degree of customization for 3D printers, along with ease of manufacturing. We can expect to see these printers becoming more easily accessible and popular in the coming years. For now, a good choice of printers for both work and home is the new HP Laserjet M1005 MFP Printer. It is affordable and compact, and offers printing, scanning and copying capabilities.

TouchID Technology from Apple

iPhone TouchID
Now that the iPhone 5S has made fingerprint security possible on the go. The real potential of the TouchID technology is still to be realized. For now, this technology scans fingerprints using a high resolution camera to give your iPhone the ultimate in security. The near future is likely to bring advances that take TouchID to the next level, integrating it with other technology, such as your home’s security system, accessing password software and even integration with Mac Book products. You might even be able to do online shopping using this technology in the coming years.

Smart TV Gets Smarter

Samsung Smart TV
According to the DisplaySearch Q1 2011 Quarterly TV Design and Features Report, shipment of Smart TVs is likely to reach 123 million in 2014, representing 30% compound annual growth and up from the 84 million shipments reported for 2012. Major players in this category are likely to continue to be Samsung, LG and Panasonic, intense competition between whom is likely to lead to price drops. Add to this the eagerly awaited release of Apple’s iTV, and entertainment is all set to take off to the next level. The initial version of the iTV is slated for release in the summer of 2014, although a specific launch date is yet to be announced. TV viewing is already becoming excited, first with the 3D versions and now with the curved screen promising a better quality viewing experience.

Revolutionary Smart Watches

Sony Mn2 Android Smart Touch Watch
If you haven’t got yourself a smart watch, you really are missing out.  Watches are no longer meant for telling the time alone, or even telling the time at all! You've possibly already read about or experienced what you can do with the Samsung Galaxy Gear Android Smart Watch and the Sony Mn2 Android Smart Touch Watch. In 2014, you will see the launch of the Google watch. If rumors are to be believed, this device will be integrated with Google Now to give you seamless access to information. Soon, you will no longer need to whip out your tablet or smart phone every time you need to check email or put up social media updates, all you will need to do is look at your watch!

With so many innovations in line for release in 2014, the year is certainly turning out to be an interesting one.
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