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The 10 Most Popular Apps in the U.S.

With an increasing number of apps in Google Play and Apple Store, there is an app for everything now. In this jungle of apps, how does one decide which one to use? We rank the 10 most popular in the U.S. and you are likely to find your friends using one or more of these apps. According to report from Internet analytics company comScore, a chart was created by Statista, based on average monthly users over 18 years for the year 2013.

Infographic: The 10 Most Popular Apps in the U.S. | Statista

With 86.1 million average monthly users, Facebook tops the chart of popularity. With Installs in the range of 500,000,000 - 1,000,000,000 on Google Play, this doesn't come as a surprise. Facebook, lets you share your status, photos and videos. You can also see what your friends are up-to.

Google Play
With the increasing number of Android Phones, its not difficult for a Google Play app to not rank in this list. With 60.9 million average monthly users, Google Play is an app that people use to download or purchase apps, games, movies, books and even latest Android phones and tablets. This app comes installed with almost all the Android Phones.

Google Search
Google Search app is the easiest and fastest way to search on web or on your device. With 59.7 million average monthly users, you can use to search what you need on the web and phone or tablet.

With 55.7 million average monthly users, YouTube, is the app you can use to catch up on playlists and their favorite videos. On Google Play, this app has an impressive install count in the range of 500,000,000 - 1,000,000,000.

Pandora® Internet Radio
Ranking 5th on the list is Pandora® Internet Radio app, with 51.6 million average monthly users. With this app, you can discovery music , by searching for your favorite artist, composer or genre. By creating an account, you can listen to your personalized radio on the web, phone, tablet, TV and even your car.


An intuitive, efficient, useful and fun app, Gmail ranks 6th, with an average monthly users as 51.3 million. You can receive instant notification of new emails, read and reply to mails and search your emails.

Google Maps
With 50.5 million average monthly users, the Google Maps app ranks 7th on this list. With the app, you can go from Point A to Point B in easier and faster way. You can also find information about the mode of transportation, live traffic updates and things to-do at your destination.

Apple App Suite

Apple App Suite includes Apple apps like, iTunes, App Store and Game Center. With 49.3 million average monthly users, the Apple App Suite ranks 8th on this list.

Yahoo Finance

Yahoo Finance is this app you can use to get high quality financial coverage from your favorite financial source. With 34.1 million average monthly users, Yahoo Finance app ranks 9th on this list.

Apple Maps

With Apple Maps, you can get turn-by-turn spoken navigation, traffic updates, local search and interactive 3D views. With 29.5 million average monthly users, this app ranks 10th on this list.

Do you use any of the apps from the list above?
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