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Top Free Personalisation Apps for Android

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With most smartphones users considering their phones as their personal assistant, their go-to device and an extension of their personality, most  of you would like to customize it as per our moods and desires. While basic customization like changing wallpapers, ringtones and themes is known to all, GadgetMedia helps you some advanced personalization apps that customize your home-screen, change your apps menu, replace your contacts app, get custom layouts and more.

Nova Launcher
With installs in the range of 10,000,000 - 50,000,000, FREE Nova Launcher one of the most popular apps for customizing  your Android Phone. This performance driven, home  screen replacement app is highly customizable and is available for Android 4.0+ phones. So if you looking a polished and an original customizable launcher, accept no substitute with Nova Launcher.

Beautiful Widgets
Personalize your home screen with FREE Beautiful Widgets app. This app is your best companion as gives your home screen a unique look as per your moods and desire. Customize your layouts and get thousands of theme for favorite widgets. You can also easily access your systems settings with toggles.

Connect with the people you care about with FREE Contacts+ app. Contacts+ is your contacts, dialer, text messaging, Facebook, twitter and much more all rolled into one app. Send text messages, sync pictures to your Facebook contacts and get reminded about birthdays.

Koi Free Live Wallpaper
Carry your aquarium in your phone with FREE Koi Free Live Wallpaper. Experience better than real fish pond having colorful fishes and beautiful background. Relieve your stress, as you watch Koi explore their pond, while you feed them.

GO Launcher EX
Enjoy more than 10,000+ personalized themes, with the FREE GO Launcher EX. The choice of 100,000,000+ Android users, replace your home screen and transform your Android device as per your personal desire.

Which apps do you use to Personalize Your Android Phone?
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