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The Beginner's Guide to #HashTag

By definition, the # symbol is called a hashtag. It is used to group similar messages, categorize messages, highlight keywords or explain the topic of the message. You can think of it as a form of metadata tag. IRC channels and later Jaiku channels used to hash symbol as a convention, which was later popularize by Twitter users and now it is now widely being used popular micro-blogging and social networking site like Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest etc.

Guide to use #HashTag on Social Media. Photo Credits Pixabay 

Use of hashtags

  • You can use the symbol # followed by the keyword or phrase you want your message to be categorize or grouped with. 
  • There should not be any space between the hashtag and the relevant keyword. 
  • This grouping helps in showing up your message in search results of the social media you use. You can read all the messages marked with a particular keyword by clicking on a hash-tagged word. 
  • You can hashtag a word any where in your message be it beginning, middle or end. 
  • Hash-tagged words that have become popular, will be shown as Trending Topics or Hot Topics of your social media platform.

Infographic: Brands Shouldn't Overuse Hashtags
Infographic: Brands Shouldn't Overuse Hashtags

Correct Usage

  • Be careful when hash-tagging words, because your message will show up if some searches for it.
  • #Dont #Overuse or #Spam #with #Hashtags. While intelligent use of hashtags helps you to improve your reach and interaction rate on social media, over tagging can lower your reach. Refer to the chart above, one shouldn't use more then two hash tags per message.
  • Hashtags should be relevant to topic of your message and its intelligent use adds value to your message. 
  • To maintain legibility, use camel case, when combing two or more words.For ex instead of using #breakingnews, use #BreakingNews.

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