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Google Camera App Review

Google released Google Camera app on Google Play Store on 16th April for phones and tablets running Android 4.4+ KitKat. After playing with it for a week, here is my review on the same. Please note that I am using this App on my HTC One. Experience might vary from device to device.
Google Camera


Like all camera app, this app is for taking pictures and videos. This app comes with are 5 shooting modes i.e.Photo Sphere, Panorama, Lens Blur Mode, Normal Camera Mode and Normal Video Mode. In normal mode you can take single picture or video at a time and this mode acts like regular camera or video camera. Photo Sphere are for those who want a 360ยบ view and Panorama Mode comes in high resolution and is for those who like wide angle pictures. Both these mode are pretty easy to use as you just have to follow the dots, starting with a single image. Rendering and Processing requires a little patience as it does take a considerable amount of time but the end result is really good looking pictures. A new feature called Lens Blur Mode, is why I keep using this App regularly. It creates a shallow depth of field effect, something which is found in DSLR camera only. All you have to do center your subject of focus and move your camera upwards to blur the background. If you aren't satisfied with the  result you can edit and change the level of blurriness and your subject of focus. This app comes with some basic settings like adjusting Front and Back Camera Resolution & Quality, save location data in picture and advance options like manual exposure. This is essentially all that the Google Camera App has to offer.
Lens Blur Google Camera

UI Design

Google Camera App is pretty simple to use and designed really well. Its snaps pictures and videos quickly. Swiping from left to right opens the shooting modes, while swiping from right to left bring up the last image captured. You can view your photo and video gallery with default app or Google Photos app. Setting camera resolution and quality is pretty easy in setting screen. The transparent menu hovering at bottom helps in switching between the cameras, flash settings, HDR and showing/hiding 3 X 3 grid. Two fun  features include two little bars indicating level of zoom and a spinning icon in video mode that reminders you that videos look best when shot in landscape mode.
Lens Blur Effect on Google Camera

Thumbs Up

5 Shooting modes are easy and simple to use. The app guides you to takes amazing pictures in Panorama Mode & Photo Sphere Mode and you can take really nice photos once you know how to use them. The Viewfinder coverage is 100% which means what you see is completely captured in the image. All modes and settings are just a swipe or a click away, so you can change them ease. I didn't experience any crash or issues in my one week of using the app.
Went Bowling this weekend

Thumbs Down

If  simplicity of the app its greatest strength, it is also its greatest weakness. Shooting mode like burst mode, image stabilization and scene modes like night, beach or snow are found lacking in this app. While going through app review on Google Play Store, some users have complained about app crashing in Lens Blur Mode, though personal I didn't experience this issue. One last thing I complain about in this app is lack of storage options. You cannot store the images and video on an external SD Card, neither can you sync on to your Google Drive or Dropbox as there is no such option. So, you should have enough space on your internal SD card.
Lens Blur Google Camera

Final Thoughts

This is really simple and easy to use app. The UI gets out of your of way and lets you click amazing pictures. I am sure this app will get updated with more and more features. Its definitely worth downloading and giving it a shot.

Have you tried Google Camera App? Let us know about your experience in the comments section below.
Google Camera App Review Google Camera App Review Reviewed by Faheem Kalsekar on April 22, 2014 Rating: 5
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