Comparing Best Deals in Online Shopping

Gone are the days when you had to visit ten different stores to get the variety, check for quality, compare prices and then buy a product that best suited your needs. Things are changing swiftly and everyone is going digital these days, so why not shop digitally. Today almost all brands big or small have started their online outlets that lets you do it all, select from a great range of products, quality assurance, price comparison, sales, huge discounts and coupons and even you can find a great collection of different products with a single merchant like Flipkart. This means you don’t have to visit different stores to shop for electronic devices like mobiles, laptops, PCs, smart phones, tablets, kindles or personals like shoes, accessories, clothing, home appliances, books and what not. This is just like a mall at home.
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Get Best Deals Online
True it is that you are often confused by the amount of choices you get while shopping online. In order to attract more and more customers, online merchants offer huge offers, discounts and coupon codes. Yes these help a lot and save you big money but choosing the best deal available out there is a big task. Here are a few tips that will help you get the best of online shopping experience.

Check the quick guide on how to compare best deals online:

Take help from the shop bots

These are the techno geeks which help you in finding super deals online just at one click. Shop boats are the online tools and are available for free online and let you find best deals in no time. These shop bots are quite easy to manage and can help you solve your confusion about the deals on products of your choice.

Log on to major price comparison sites

There are many websites available online which will give you the option of prize comparison and will find the best deals. These websites either work as web app or offer a software program and generally are free. Some online price comparison sites have a tie-up with other major sites, so can hide the real deal; be wise in
choosing such websites.

Coupon it

Find large amount of free coupons available online and get good deals. They are free and don’t ask you for any of your personal info. These are websites that have tied up with some of the leading online merchants like Flipkart, Home Shop 18, eBay, amazon and many more that offer really cool coupon codes. All you need to do is to log on to such coupon websites and shop.

Stick to your website

Continuously shop on the websites which you love to shop on; and after some great purchases they can shower you with extra offers. Some websites have the system of collecting points while you purchase something. Don’t forget to grab such points. Redeem those points when needed especially when you are making large purchases.

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Learn More About The World's First 4K Laptop

The world's first 4KUltra HD laptop, the Satellite P50t-B-01N, comes complete with an Intel Core i7-4710HQ, a 16 GB DDR3L and a 1 TB Hybrid HDD. Additional technologies that come with the package are the Turboboost, SpeedStep, and a new hyper-threading technology from Intel to help the machine keep up with heavy workloads and large programs. Included is the first updated version of Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and of course the high definition display. Two 1600 MHz 8GB of RAM is standard with the possibility of expansion modules of 2, 4, or 8GB upon or after purchase. A 5400 RPM hard drive disk of 1T comes standard with the original purchase as well as a CD-R/DVD player with music and charging possible while the computer sleeps. If you are planning on replacing old computing equipment soon, you will want to review the price and quality of the products that include the new, more advanced, digital display technology.

Toshiba Satellite P50t-B
Satellite P50t-B-01N

The display is more advanced and to match the hi-tech theme, the 102 key black keyboard is accented with a brushed metallic smart silver finish for the exterior casing, while the display takes advantage of the AMD Radeon R9 M265X 2GB. Chroma Tune, Amazon, a Microsoft Office Trial edition package, the Intel App Up center, Evernote, Skype, a Norton Internet Security trial, a Norton Studio trial, and a copy of WildTangent come as pre-installed software trials and packages, most of which are ready to use installations. While the display is the shining feature of this product, the dimensions are well-planned for comfort and usability as well.

The dimensions of the computer are 14.9 x 9.6 x 1.1 inches with a weight of just 5.2 lbs. It also comes with the Energy Star to give tax benefits for the thrifty consumer due to the ROHS and EPEAT Gold environmental credentials. The screen is a generous 15.6 inches, designed not to stress the eyes. This new advanced piece of technology also comes with a warranty to replace any malfunctioning or broken parts up to one year after purchase. Pre-installed software trials and packages are not covered by the warrantee as they are provided by third parties and not the vendor or producer.

The crystal clear colours, extra 3.0 USB ports and classy intelligent design of the computer's exterior add up to a new computer with a new technology that not only performs well, but is designed to be more attractive than yesterday's products. The high-speed processor from Intel and 8GB of RAM bring the performance to a new level while the 4K display gives you a clear view of what today's technology is capable of. The world's first 4K laptop is designed not only to handle heavy workloads, but to handle them quickly and look good while it gets the job done. When you see the display of the 4k laptops from Toshiba, you will certainly want to experience the newest and clearest display technology available.


Tips on Buying Portable Speakers

Gone are the days when we used to carry the entire music system along on a trip. Carrying a music system was good as carrying an extra piece of luggage, thanks to its heavy weight. With the introduction of portable speakers, entertainment on the go has become simpler. The best part about portable speaker is that it is handy, lightweight and an ideal companion on a fun trip. This speaker is ideal for everyday use. It can be used to listen to soothing tunes while doing yoga asanas or play loud music at a house party. Whether you are in the lawn or in a car, this portable speaker is a great device to hear music. There is a wide variety of portable speakers available online but you must know the right kind of speakers that will suit your lifestyle. Here are a few tips you must remember while buying portable speakers:

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JBL Flip Portable Bluetooth Speaker Supports Microsd - White Color

Core features

This usually happens in case of gadgets. We are carried away with the unique features but in the long run, we hardly use them as we don’t even what they are meant for. Read the specifications carefully and make your choice. Ideally, a good quality portable speaker must have an amazing sound output. This is the basic requirement of a portable speaker. Sometimes we take a decision on the basis of add-ons and we completely forget what we are buying them for. Add-ons are not that essential, check whether the speaker delivers powerful sound. If you are buying portable speakers online, buy them from a reliable online shopping portal.


Don’t fall prey to the tempting price tag or any other false promise made by a brand. You need to do some research before buying the portable speaker. There are a lot of brands offering portable speakers. You don’t know speakers everyday and hence, you must invest in a good quality portable speaker.


Yes, Bluetooth is not just restricted as a technology to facilitate hands-free calling. Most devices are now getting Bluetooth ready. Go for a portable speaker that is compatible with Bluetooth enabled devices. This feature will allow you to stream music from other Bluetooth devices such as a smartphone or a tablet.

Buy  Jbl Bass Port Micro-ii Portable Speaker (white)  Online | Best Prices in India: Rediff Shopping
Jbl Bass Port Micro-ii Portable Speaker (white)


There is a whole new range of portable speakers that runs without any kinds of cords or wires. Go for wireless speakers if you are mostly on the move and say goodbye to wires and cords.

Memory Card Support

Not all those who are on the move own a car. Go for a portable speaker with microSD card support. This feature allows you to listen to the tracks stored on your memory card. This feature is ideal for trek lovers, cyclists or anyone who loves to indulge in any other sporting activities.


One must remember that the portable speaker is compatible with the device with which it is going to be used. For instance, the OS on iPads and iPods are not compatible with certain portable speakers. Hence you must check the compatibility of the speaker with your device.

Warranty/Return Policy

In case of online shopping, check for the type of warranty offered. There are deals that may be too tempting but those may have a tag of vendor warranty. Go for manufacturer warranty to play safe. Also, check the return policy of a particular shopping portal.


The Future of Mobile Couponing

With the increase in use of smartphones, marketing managers have found a new way to increase in-store sales. Mobile Couponing is slowly gaining traction amongst Indian consumers. In-store sales can be increased through online offers, employing a mixture of distribution as well as redemption technique. One such technique is to publish advertisements in print media, that prompt users to send a SMS to receive a discount coupon.

Coupon codes India 2014, Discounts, Coupons, vouchers, clearance, discount offers
The Future of Mobile Couponing
Now a days, every consumer searches on Google for a product & reads product reviews before buying it. So, marketing managers could advertise on sites like Zoutons.com for Best of coupons, Discount offers or Vouchers Code on products purchased from top retail stores, which can be printed or sent to the consumers mobile phone. Discount coupons can be offered directly by the advertiser, if a consumer chooses  to receive them from a particular brand, or consumers might need to search for discount coupons through a mobile app.

Redeeming an offer generates a one-of-kind chance for connecting the source of the advertisement to the actual purchase. Essentially, there are three methods of redeeming discount coupons in-store; the buyer can just present his or her phone to the cashier, cashier may manually entering a promo code received by the buyer, or scanning a bar-code or QR code provided to the buyer. One example can be redeeming Amazon Vouchers at Amazon Retail Stores.

The future is looking very bright for this exciting medium but several enhancements and improvements have to be brought about to retail point-of-sale infrastructure. In-store scanning devices have to be updated to modern optical imagers, which are capable of scanning a bar-code from a consumers's mobile phone. Another option is to use contact-less payment technology, that grabs the discount-coupon directly from the buyers smartphone and process the discount at the time of checkout. In either case, one-touch redemption process will keep queues moving a lot quicker as compared to when using print coupons.

The role of Smartphone Apps cannot be ignored here. Now-a-days more retail stores are sending out discount coupons to their customer through  apps. These smart apps target customer based on their location. This helps in increasing customer loyalty as well as sales.


Huawei Mobile Brand - Best from China

Huawei is a leading ICT solution provider on the global mobile market. Its customer-centric exclusive approach towards innovations enables the company to launch successful products and win the global mobile community. The hard growth of the mobile market share of the company is conditioned with the innovations realized in the simplest solutions. The mission of the company lies in the domain of life enriching and efficiency improving through the best connection in the world. Through expertise and innovations the company designs and develops best communicating devices on the market. Huawei is one of Chinese brands placing stakes at providing ultimate solutions at the most reasonable price unlike other globally renowned brands providing products which price mostly consists of the brand name and marketing investments rather than of innovations and quality materials. To understand what Huawei products mean for a modern mobile user we should better review the hottest offers of the brand.

Huawei Ascend Mate2 is one of the most wanted Huawei smartphones on the market believed to be one of the most empowered gadgets in the segment. It offers a user to experience an ultimate speed of data transfer with a new technology of connection in 4G LTE networks enabling a device to develop downloading speed of about 150Mb/s. The gadget gets a powerful battery of 4050mAh to last longer in the hardest drive experiencing a freedom of smartphone usage. The power saving technologies will not let you feel your device turns weaker. The developer claims the smart gadget to last up to 2.5 days in the hardcore usage mode on a single charge. The HD 6.1” display enables a user to view even more of HD content in the clearest and brightest colors. Great 13MP rare camera is designed for the clearest and sharpest picture capturing in every possible mode (low light, fast motion or lens flare, etc.). The device has got an additional 5MP front camera for unforgettable selfies on the widest background a mobile device can ever capture. Another camera option to mention about this Huawei smartphone is specific software improving the quality of every photo. Face enhancing technology enables a user to convert any photo into the greatest portrait.
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Huawei Ascend Mate2 - White
Despite the complexity of the technologies and software stuffed in the smartphone the Huawei Ascend Mate2 features a rather simple user interface being synonymous to elegance, simplicity and usability. The gadget is specially designed for extreme one hand control with special close button location to navigate the phone simply with one hand despite its large size.

Another popular gadget among Huawei smartphones is Huawei Honor 3C has got a durable quad core 1.3GHz heart under the thin case added with 2GB RAM. Its 5.0” display provides a crystal clear vision of HD content and will take a user to the next level of smartphone experience. This is a simpler solution by the Huawei brand than the previous one still the device ensures fast and rather smooth connectivity and the greatest hard drive performance no matter running a 3D game or a media content application. The same deal is with internet browsing as the device enables a user to download as well as upload data at the fastest speed.
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Huawei Honor 3C - Panda
The Honor 3C phone is equipped with two cameras: 8MP back wide angle camera (Sony lens) and 5MP front camera (Samsung lens) to take amazing HQ pictures. The developer claims the back camera to be a perfect solution for macro shooting.

For the most fastidious and demanding mobile user the brand has a real monster device being Huawei Ascend P7. This smart gadget will take a user to the edge of excellence with super clear display, ultra powerful core and ultimate software giving a user even more an excellent smartphone can ever do. The excellence starts at the first touch to the display made of 7-layer glass with super precision none of the smartphones has ever experienced before. The ultra thin case is only 6.5mm. Every detail of the design of the device is engineered to redesign your experience of using a smartphone.
Buy Huawei Ascend P7 - White Phones online in Flosmall shop. Check out our reviews, video and comments
Huawei Ascend P7 - White
Every button seems to be on its ideal place for a one hand navigation and control. Its design was inspired with a drop of water for a no-corner experience. The device has got a 8MP back camera with 5-pieces aspherical lenses for the clearest and most distinctive photos of your life. Its slim case hides under the hood a 4 core 1.8GHz processor able to transfer data at the fastest speed ever. Super power saving technologies will keep the device alive for 420 stand-by hours and up to 14 hours in the mode of hardcore usage.

Considering the brand’s tending to excellence and perfection the global community is waiting for the next launch being Huawei Honor 4.

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Alcatel Onetouch Idol X+ Review

Alcatel has recently launched a successor to last year's Onetouch Idol X. Surprisingly, Onetouch Idol X+ comes at the same price as last year. It is exclusively available on Flipkart from 3rd June.

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The device is thinner and lighter when compared to its predecessor. The glossy back makes it difficult to hold but it comes with a metallic alloy frame around the side. The phone’s 5 inch screen has FHD resolution (1920 x 1080p) and it protected by corning gorilla glass 2, making it scratch resistant and an anti-fingerprint oleophobic coating increases the charm. It boasts a compact edge-to-edge IPS capacitive display. Clarity and colors have thus become a strong point of the smartphone with full HD display.

The Idol X+ comes with a “true octa-core” MediaTek processor. The quad-core processor was the weakest point of last year’s edition by Alcatel, and that seems to have been resolved this time. It is powered by 2GHz octa core processor and runs on Android 4.2. The handset is supported by a 2GB RAM and 16GB internal storage. However, there is no slot for an external SD card and this might be a drawback for those who are looking for larger storage.

Connectivity features include 3G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS. Backed by a 2500mAh battery, the phone gives up to 27 hours of talk time on 2G networks, and 16 hours of 3G talk time. FM radio is also available. The phone comes with a 13MP primary camera coupled with LED flash and a 2MP secondary camera.  Correct exposure clicks true to life photos and the details are attractive. The front camera comes with a ‘Beauty Face’ option to remove blemishes from the picture and to smooth out skin tones. The camera also supports full HD recording.

Other than the processor upgrades, additional improvements on the phone presented by Alcatel include audio enhancement. Idol X+ come with JBL headsets and the improved sound quality is referred to as “Hi-Fi”. The high performance sound experience can be a plus one for many music enthusiasts.  Another attractive addition to the box is a splash proof boom band. This boom band is useful for the health conscious smartphone users. It gives insights into you daily calorie intake, tracks your sleep levels and the number of hours you sleep and also sends alerts when you move away from the phone.  It can be connected to the phone with Bluetooth.

With many additional features and add-ons like  JBL headphones, improved processor, great call quality, attractive camera and a sleek look, this phone is a great choice for all those who are looking for many additional choices and features. With no information on whether the phone will get a KitKat update, it can be strict no for some Android lovers.

You can get this mobile on some leading Indian website like Amazon, Flipkart, Tradus, Infibeam, Rediff Shopping, Indiatimes and more. And offer and deal on mobile visit CouponzGuru.com.

General Specifications:

5 Inches , IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen, 16M colors
Primary Camera - 13 MP, Secondary Camera - 2 MP, LED FLASH
HD Recording, 1080p
2500 mAh
Octa-core 2 GHz Cortex-A7, Mediatek MT6592
Internal Memory
16 GB
HSDPA 900 / 2100
Operating System
Android v4.2 (Jelly Bean)
Dual Sim (GSM + GSM)
802.11 a/b/g/n

Things You Must Do Before Travelling Overseas

Whether you are travelling for work or have planned a vacation, going overseas can be very exciting. You experience new cultures, see new places and taste new cuisines. Most importantly, travelling increases your knowledge and opens your mind to new things. While you prepare for stepping out of your country for an extended period of time, you already have a list of things to do. This may include getting your passport and visa ready and making hotel reservations. However, there are many other aspects to consider. For instance, you wouldn’t want to be stranded without connectivity, if your laptop battery does not last too long or if you do not know enough about the destination.

HCL Infiniti Powerlite 9100bt Laptop Compatible Battery 11.1v 4400mah
Laptop Battery

Aspects to Consider When Planning Your Trip Abroad

It is quite natural for you to feel excited and anxious at the same time, especially if this is your first time travelling abroad. While there are many aspects to consider, the most essential thing is to remember to have fun. Here are a few things you can do to make your travel a better experience:

Google the Destination: There is so much information about everything on the Internet. Read about the destination in general and check out some images as well to know what to expect. Get information about sightseeing, including the places you should visit and how to access them. You can take a print out of the map and mark out place you want to visit and even the hotel where you would be staying. Don’t forget to get a list of famous restaurants in the area. You may even like to find out about the dos and don’ts of the destination, especially if it is culturally very different from what you are accustomed to.

Take Travel Insurance: Many of us feel that this is a useless expense. However, it is not uncommon for flights to get delayed, airlines to lose your luggage or even falling ill after eating something new. Insurance will cover for all these contingencies. What if your bag gets stolen? It may have less expensive things like your phone laptop  charger or laptop battery, but could have essential travel documents. You would not want to spend precious foreign currency on things like that. If you have travel insurance, the financials will be taken care of.
Replacement Acer 19v 3.42a Laptop Adaptor Charger With Power Cord
Laptop Adapter

Make a Separate List of the Not-So-Obvious Things: Most of us make a list of all the things we need to pack. This list typically contains items like slippers, socks, toothbrush, clothes and jackets. However, there are a few things that we tend to overlook. This may include your hands-free device. You may think you would not need it, but you could be consulting a map while talking on the phone and your hands-free device may prove very useful. Similarly, a spare laptop battery always comes in handy. If you are going on vacation, you may not want to look at your phone messages or emails on your computer. However, these devices are useful for staying connected and adding convenience. 

Manage Your Money: You don’t have to carry all the money you would need during your stay. However, you should have some local currency before you step out of the airport at your destination. So, find out whether your arrival airport has an ATM. Also, locate the closest ATM to your hotel. Even if your hotel has the facility to exchange currency, it may not offer you the best rates. You can also consider carrying some traveller’s cheques, which is a safe way to carry money.

When you’re done packing everything, from insurance papers to your laptop battery, don’t forget to change your status on Facebook!


Indian Brands Going Global: Attractive Advertising Campaigns

The first advertising campaign by an Indian brand targeting international audiences that comes to our mind is the crisp advertisement series by Hugh Jackman for Micromax mobiles. The brand has even released television commercials for X Men: Days of Future Past, the movie and Micromax mobiles at the same time. The ads pitched the movie and free content from the movie in Micromax mobiles. Let us take a look at how Indian brands are trying to make their presence felt in the international market.

Micromax Advertising Campaigns

The Changing Faces of Indian Brands and Their Advertising Campaigns

Micromax mobile is not the first Indian brand that has used an international brand ambassador to pitch its products in the global market. Timex watches have been endorsed by the Australian fast bowler, Bret Lee. So, it has been done before, but for a limited audience and keeping the sentiments of the Indian consumers in mind. However, the new trend is that many Indian brands are targeting international audience.

Reliance Entertainment has already made its global presence felt in the entertainment world by co-producing blockbusters, such as, “The Help”, “Need For Speed” and “Lincoln”. But advertising and marketing Indian products are a different ball game.

The Indian audience is touched by emotion. From “sharing of joy” by Coca Cola or “Har Ek Friend Zaroori Hota Hai” by Bharti Telecom, almost every successful Indian advertisements thrive on emotion. However, when it comes to targeting international audience, the advertising strategy should a little different. You can either get you brand endorsed by an International celebrity or make your brand’s presence felt with creative advertising.

Micromax Marketing Campaign
The first two decades of the twenty-first century have seen a massive change in the way India is seen by the rest of the world. It is no longer considered as a country of snake charmers and the Maharajas. In fact, India is seen as a rising power, an emerging economic giant of the world. We will see many Indian celebrities endorsing top international brands. The advertisements for Longines Dolce Vita featured our very own Aishwaria Rai Bachhan along with renowned international stars, such as; Kate Winslet and Chi Ling. Indians have also made internationally renowned advertisements. Take the example of the advertisement for the Camlin permanent marker. It shows that vermilion, which is a symbol of a married woman in India, applied with Camlin permanent marker could be so permanent that it cannot be removed from a wife’s forehead. As a result, her husband gets his life back. Another advertisement that became very popular among in India and abroad was the Google Search ad. The advertisement shows two friends separated by the Indo-Pak border are reunited with the help of Google search. Although Google is not an Indian brand, the advertisement for Google India became famous in the whole world.

Samsung Galaxy Grand
Indian mobile phone brands, such as, Micromax and Karbonn are now competing with global rivals, such as, Samsung, Apple, Nokia, LG, and Sony. Micromaxmobiles CEO, Shubhodip Pal says "A change in advertisement strategy became imperative as we wanted to change the perception that an Indian handset is not necessarily a China-imported product but has innovation built into it.”

Indian mobile phone brands are mainly targeting the younger consumer base through their advertising campaigns. “The younger consumers have realized that the Indian brands offer the same features and technology but at a value-for-money price, unlike the older consumers who are still brand conscious,” says Himanshu Chakrawarti, CEO at The Mobile Store.

India has internationally renowned manufacturing designer brands, such as, Zara and Next.  Our designers are well-known. Sabyasachi’s creations have been worn by Hollywood stars such Goldie Hawn.


5 Must Have Apps for 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil

This football season GadgetMedia helps you celebrate the spirit of the biggest sporting event of the year; “2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil” .We present to you 5 football apps that every football fan must have in order to be up to date with the tournament, from fixtures to results to top scorers and also the points table.

2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil

Jalvasco World Cup 2014

Jalvasco World Cup 2014 - Android Apps on Google Play
This app helps you to keep track of the big matches, set reminders and also gives you details not only of a team but also of every individual player. The app consumes a total storage of 4.66MB and has more than a hundred thousand downloads.

FIFA by FIFA apps

FIFA - Android Apps on Google Play

This is the official football app launched by FIFA to help football fans keep track of club matches, but it has now been updated to help you be in touch with the World Cup. This app also gives you news feed and also makes match highlights available in video format so that you never miss a goal. With total size of 29.05MB and more than a million downloads this app is important for every football fan.

World Cup Brazil 2014 by HSL Software

World Cup Brazil 2014 - Android Apps on Google Play
This app has features like countdown until the first kick-off and also another very intriguing and helpful feature that is; it displays the coming match on your Home screen. It also gives you news feed on players, selections, team sheets, and also about coaches.
It is a very useful and an extremely light app with a required storage space of 2.69MB and more than a 1, 00,000 downloads.

World Cup 2014 by Kevin Choong

World Cup 2014 - Android Apps on Google Play
This app provides information about the FIFA 2014 World Cup, its schedules, team standings etc in a nicely presented format. It is extremely user friendly and one can easily switch between screens to access other content with just a swipe. This app is extremely light and has great reviews by its users. Another key feature of this app is that it also provides the user with live match odds.

World Cup by Vubooo Ltd

World Cup - Android Apps on Google Play
This app is also termed as one of the best second screen app to keep football fans around the world through live scores notifications and social comments on FIFA World Cup 2014 match events. This app also provides a virtual stadium for 2014World Cup fans to support their teams during match time. It also allows football fans to share their wisdom with other football fans in the virtual stadium and through various social networks. With a storage space of only 5.86MB and more than 1,00,000 this interesting app hits our list.

So these were the top 5 must have football apps that no hardcore football fan can afford to miss, so sit back and enjoy this footballing season.


Latest Fashion Trends

"Fashion is what you're offered four times a year by designers. And style is what you pick out of that fashion" - Lauren Hutton.

Style is something that is unique to a person. The way you dress up, the accessories that you like to put on and the way you carry yourself are some of the things that reflect every bit of your personality. Fashion trends change in almost every season. For instance, every time you go for onlinemobile shopping, you may find new collections of handsets and cell phone cases. It is important to keep track with new fashion trends, so that you can make yourself stand out from the crowd. Here are the hottest fashion trends that are creating ripples, these days. Choose your style and get ready to rule the fashion world.

Buy Micromax Canvas Doodle 3 A102 With 1 GB Ram(blue) Price and Features.Shop  Micromax Canvas Doodle 3 A102 With 1 GB Ram(blue) Online
Micromax Canvas Doodle 3

Things that are Setting the Style Trend

Some of the things that are setting the fashion trends on fire this season are:

Palm Ring, the Accessory to Spice It Up!

From Sarah Jessica Parker to Jennifer Lawrence, famous celebrities have ditched their rings to flaunt their chic designer palm rings. After the fancy finger rings, this is the latest obsession for the fashionable women. You can wear a palm ring complementing your dress for any evening event or a theme party.  Accessorizing a part of your body that has never been done before seems to be quite a welcome change!

Cool Off With Those ‘Fugly’ Pool Sliders!

Fugly’, the fashionably ugly, pool sliders from the 80’s are back with a bang. The designers have reworked on them with various styles and they are trending the fashion streets this season. They are not just extremely comfortable to wear but perfect for the summers. Top fashion brands have put on an exclusive collection of these flats. So let’s welcome these rubber soled footwear back to the front seat.

Go Gothic!

Put on your black nail paint along with your leather jacket and go gothic this season. Show off your darker side and get appreciated for it. The pierced look, the latex clothing, the wine red lipstick and the crucifix motifs are doing the rounds of fashion trends this season. So go mysteriously gothic.

Show Off Your Belly With Crop Tops!

From Deepika Padukone to Kareena Kapoor Khan, a lot of Bollywood beauties are donning the crop tops this season. Make a case for navel gazing; and if you have a flat belly to show off, don’t step back. Pair them up with funky skirts or denims along with high heels and you’ll be good to go.

Rock with the Celebrity Face T-Shirts!

This is the latest trend that has hit Hollywood. Wearing the face of famous people on your shirt is what the most in-thing these days. You can choose to wear a t-shirt with your famous personality’s face. Not just be chic with these t-shirts but also pay your tribute to someone you admire. Team them up with your trousers, jeans or skirts, they look good with most of the bottom wear.

Keep Swapping Those Funky Cell Phone Cases!

Funky Cell Phone Cases

Is your cell phone something that you carry wherever you go? These days it is not just a necessary gadget for communication but the funkymobile phone cases can help you make a style statement. Available in variety of colours, patterns and with customized prints, cell phones can be matched with the dress you are wearing. You can easily get them through online mobile shopping.

Take your pick and sizzle this season with the latest style trends. Get these things at reasonable rates from any of the reputed retail websites. So be a fashionista this season and flaunt your style!


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