The Beginner's Guide to #HashTag

By definition, the # symbol is called a hashtag. It is used to group similar messages, categorize messages, highlight keywords or explain the topic of the message. You can think of it as a form of metadata tag. IRC channels and later Jaiku channels used to hash symbol as a convention, which was later popularize by Twitter users and now it is now widely being used popular micro-blogging and social networking site like Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest etc.

Guide to use #HashTag on Social Media. Photo Credits Pixabay 

Use of hashtags

  • You can use the symbol # followed by the keyword or phrase you want your message to be categorize or grouped with. 
  • There should not be any space between the hashtag and the relevant keyword. 
  • This grouping helps in showing up your message in search results of the social media you use. You can read all the messages marked with a particular keyword by clicking on a hash-tagged word. 
  • You can hashtag a word any where in your message be it beginning, middle or end. 
  • Hash-tagged words that have become popular, will be shown as Trending Topics or Hot Topics of your social media platform.

Infographic: Brands Shouldn't Overuse Hashtags
Infographic: Brands Shouldn't Overuse Hashtags

Correct Usage

  • Be careful when hash-tagging words, because your message will show up if some searches for it.
  • #Dont #Overuse or #Spam #with #Hashtags. While intelligent use of hashtags helps you to improve your reach and interaction rate on social media, over tagging can lower your reach. Refer to the chart above, one shouldn't use more then two hash tags per message.
  • Hashtags should be relevant to topic of your message and its intelligent use adds value to your message. 
  • To maintain legibility, its use camel case, when combing two or more words.For ex instead of using #breakingnews, use #BreakingNews.

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Google Camera App Review

Google released Google Camera app on Google Play Store on 16th April for phones and tablets running Android 4.4+ KitKat. After playing with it for a week, here is my review on the same. Please note that I am using this App on my HTC One. Experience might vary from device to device.

Google Camera App Review
Google Camera


Like all camera app, this app is for taking pictures and videos. This app comes with are 5 shooting modes i.e.Photo Sphere, Panorama, Lens Blur Mode, Normal Camera Mode and Normal Video Mode. In normal mode you can take single picture or video at a time and this mode acts like regular camera or video camera. Photo Sphere are for those who want a 360ยบ view and Panorama Mode comes in high resolution and is for those who like wide angle pictures. Both these mode are pretty easy to use as you just have to follow the dots, starting with a single image. Rendering and Processing requires a little patience as it does take a considerable amount of time but the end result is really good looking pictures. A new feature called Lens Blur Mode, is why I keep using this App regularly. It creates a shallow depth of field effect, something which is found in DSLR camera only. All you have to do center your subject of focus and move your camera upwards to blur the background. If you aren't satisfied with the  result you can edit and change the level of blurriness and your subject of focus. This app comes with some basic settings like adjusting Front and Back Camera Resolution & Quality, save location data in picture and advance options like manual exposure. This is essentially all that the Google Camera App has to offer.

Google Camera App Review
Lens Blur Google Camera

UI Design

Google Camera App is pretty simple to use and designed really well. Its snaps pictures and videos quickly. Swiping from left to right opens the shooting modes, while swiping from right to left bring up the last image captured. You can view your photo and video gallery with default app or Google Photos app. Setting camera resolution and quality is pretty easy in setting screen. The transparent menu hovering at bottom helps in switching between the cameras, flash settings, HDR and showing/hiding 3 X 3 grid. Two fun  features include two little bars indicating level of zoom and a spinning icon in video mode that reminders you that videos look best when shot in landscape mode.

Google Camera App Review
Lens Blur Effect on Google Camera

Thumbs Up

5 Shooting modes are easy and simple to use. The app guides you to takes amazing pictures in Panorama Mode & Photo Sphere Mode and you can take really nice photos once you know how to use them. The Viewfinder coverage is 100% which means what you see is completely captured in the image. All modes and settings are just a swipe or a click away, so you can change them ease. I didn't experience any crash or issues in my one week of using the app.

Went Bowling this weekend

Thumbs Down

If  simplicity of the app its greatest strength, it is also its greatest weakness. Shooting mode like burst mode, image stabilization and scene modes like night, beach or snow are found lacking in this app. While going through app review on Google Play Store, some users have complained about app crashing in Lens Blur Mode, though personal I didn't experience this issue. One last thing I complain about in this app is lack of storage options. You cannot store the images and video on an external SD Card, neither can you sync on to your Google Drive or Dropbox as there is no such option. So, you should have enough space on your internal SD card.

Google Camera App Review
Lens Blur Google Camera

Final Thoughts

This is really simple and easy to use app. The UI gets out of your of way and lets you click amazing pictures. I am sure this app will get updated with more and more features. Its definitely worth downloading and giving it a shot.

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Top Free Personalisation Apps for Android

Photo Credit : unsplash

With most smartphones users considering their phones as their personal assistant, their go-to device and an extension of their personality, most  of you would like to customize it as per our moods and desires. While basic customization like changing wallpapers, ringtones and themes is known to all, GadgetMedia helps you some advanced personalization apps that customize your home-screen, change your apps menu, replace your contacts app, get custom layouts and more.

Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher
With installs in the range of 10,000,000 - 50,000,000, FREE Nova Launcher one of the most popular apps for customizing  your Android Phone. This performance driven, home  screen replacement app is highly customizable and is available for Android 4.0+ phones. So if you looking a polished and an original customizable launcher, accept no substitute with Nova Launcher.

Beautiful Widgets

Beautiful Widgets
Personalize your home screen with FREE Beautiful Widgets app. This app is your best companion as gives your home screen a unique look as per your moods and desire. Customize your layouts and get thousands of theme for favorite widgets. You can also easily access your systems settings with toggles.


Connect with the people you care about with FREE Contacts+ app. Contacts+ is your contacts, dialer, text messaging, Facebook, twitter and much more all rolled into one app. Send text messages, sync pictures to your Facebook contacts and get reminded about birthdays.

Koi Free Live Wallpaper

Koi Free Live Wallpaper
Carry your aquarium in your phone with FREE Koi Free Live Wallpaper. Experience better than real fish pond having colorful fishes and beautiful background. Relieve your stress, as you watch Koi explore their pond, while you feed them.

GO Launcher EX 

GO Launcher EX
Enjoy more than 10,000+ personalized themes, with the FREE GO Launcher EX. The choice of 100,000,000+ Android users, replace your home screen and transform your Android device as per your personal desire.

Which apps do you use to Personalize Your Android Phone?


The 10 Most Popular Apps in the U.S.

With an increasing number of apps in Google Play and Apple Store, there is an app for everything now. In this jungle of apps, how does one decide which one to use? We rank the 10 most popular in the U.S. and you are likely to find your friends using one or more of these apps. According to report from Internet analytics company comScore, a chart was created by Statista, based on average monthly users over 18 years for the year 2013.

Infographic: The 10 Most Popular Apps in the U.S. | Statista


With 86.1 million average monthly users, Facebook tops the chart of popularity. With Installs in the range of 500,000,000 - 1,000,000,000 on Google Play, this doesn't come as a surprise. Facebook, lets you share your status, photos and videos. You can also see what your friends are up-to.

Google Play

Google Play
With the increasing number of Android Phones, its not difficult for a Google Play app to not rank in this list. With 60.9 million average monthly users, Google Play is an app that people use to download or purchase apps, games, movies, books and even latest Android phones and tablets. This app comes installed with almost all the Android Phones.

Google Search

Google Search
Google Search app is the easiest and fastest way to search on web or on your device. With 59.7 million average monthly users, you can use to search what you need on the web and phone or tablet.


With 55.7 million average monthly users, YouTube, is the app you can use to catch up on playlists and their favorite videos. On Google Play, this app has an impressive install count in the range of 500,000,000 - 1,000,000,000.

Pandora® Internet Radio

Ranking 5th on the list is Pandora® Internet Radio app, with 51.6 million average monthly users. With this app, you can discovery music , by searching for your favorite artist, composer or genre. By creating an account, you can listen to your personalized radio on the web, phone, tablet, TV and even your car.



An intuitive, efficient, useful and fun app, Gmail ranks 6th, with an average monthly users as 51.3 million. You can receive instant notification of new emails, read and reply to mails and search your emails.

Google Maps

Google Maps
With 50.5 million average monthly users, the Google Maps app ranks 7th on this list. With the app, you can go from Point A to Point B in easier and faster way. You can also find information about the mode of transportation, live traffic updates and things to-do at your destination.

Apple App Suite

Apple iTunes

Apple App Suite includes Apple apps like, iTunes, App Store and Game Center. With 49.3 million average monthly users, the Apple App Suite ranks 8th on this list.

Yahoo Finance


Yahoo Finance is this app you can use to get high quality financial coverage from your favorite financial source. With 34.1 million average monthly users, Yahoo Finance app ranks 9th on this list.

Apple Maps

Apple Maps

With Apple Maps, you can get turn-by-turn spoken navigation, traffic updates, local search and interactive 3D views. With 29.5 million average monthly users, this app ranks 10th on this list.

Do you use any of the apps from the list above?


5 Best News Apps for Android and iPhone

In today's fast paced life with busy schedule, it becomes difficult to keep up with quickly changing current events of the world. This is where your smartphone helps you to keep you connected with the latest happening around the world. Instantly get breaking news, sports updates, entertainment, technology and more all in one place.

5 Best News Apps for Android and iPhone
Stay In The Know with News Apps

Stay informed about the stories that interest you the most with your smartphone. We list some of FREE apps, which provide quick and update-to news from most trusted news sources.

LinkedIn Pulse

LinkedIn Pulse App
FREE Pulse App by LinkedIn, provides tailor-made news to you. It combines stories from your favorite news sources, so that you can view all of them in one place. You can also share the news with your friends on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Flickr, and Tumblr.


Wherever you are, be connected with the world with FREE CNN app. Receive breaking news alerts and watch live videos of big stories as soon as they happen. Stay informed of happening  around the globe international stories and latest headlines. With iReport, you can be a citizen reporter by contributing your story or opinions to CNN.


NYTimes App

With FREE NYTimes, you will experience high-quality journalism on topics like on national, international, business, sports, technology and more. Stay informed on latest happening with Breaking News Alerts. You can share your favorite news articles on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Email. You can also save an article for read-it later.


Flipboard App
The FREE Flipboard, with its intuitive UI, presents news to you as your personalised magazine. Read and browse stories, articles, videos and photos from around the globe.Search and save stories that you would like to read later and flip through them later like you are reading a magazine.

Rediff News

Rediff News App
The FREE Rediff News app brings you latest news from more than 30,000 trusted sources. One thing that makes this app unique is it simple and visually appealing tiled UI. Receive breaking news alerts and browse from sections like world, sports, cricket, lifestyle and business. You can save a news article for later reading and also share it on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp etc. You can read a news article even when you not connected to the internet.

Which are the news apps that keep you in the know?


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